Girli is a London based recording artist/singer/songwriter/producer and as part of the LGBTQ+ community identifying as pansexual, she often makes educational TikTok’s and Instagram stories educating her followers on important figures in the community in a really cool and easy way to understand.


Girli makes the kind of songs that you’d wish you’d made yourself. When I first came across the London singer/songwriter/producer through her music video for ‘Hot Mess’, I thought, ‘damn, that’s exactly how I feel’. The lyrics speak to me on such a deep level that I had to check her out properly. They way that Girli expresses herself is so poetic, yet down to earth and relatable. It’s that great pop vibe mixed with the witty, sarcastic lyrics, with a tinge of heartbreak that makes her an artist to look out for.

‘Guess I’m just a hot mess, Cos I say what I like and what I hate’

(I especially felt this way during my time at university where I’d often run into douche bags on nights out that pull out the ‘oh bloody hell, lads…we’ve got a feminist on our hands here’, whenever I would say anything remotely intelligent or opinionated)

Girli put out three great EPs before her debut album Odd One Out on April 5th 2019 with the British record company, PMR. A track off that album that I absolutely LOVE is Day Month Second – what a great break up track, that encapsulates the sassiness yet, vulnerability of that type of pain. It’s deliberately confronting in such a familiar way that you feel as if Girli is your friend. I suppose it’s that element that we all loved about Avril Lavigne – the girl next door, yet all of us alternative kids knew her as the girl…literally next to us.

Check out Girli’s Instagram @girlimusic for her epic posts!

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