Eyelyd is a project that has kind of been years in the making for me. It took some time to figure out exactly what it would look like. But I knew I wanted to create a space to discuss the art I love so much and build a community. I pride myself on a D.I.Y sensibility and make do with what I have for most of what I create. I often get crafty for the sets of video's and photoshoots.


I am a big film enthusiast!
I've been writing for around five of six years; for the student newspapers, the local paper and then started blogging around 2014. The content I discuss is heavily inspired by alternative subcultures and the art created from within those sectors.

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I'm not by any means a make-up expert, I haven't studied it in any formal way. I'm just a big fan and have always loved using high street brands to bring to life high end/editorial make up looks. I've loved make-up and aesthetics for many years now too so wanted a way to bring that into the mix.

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EyeLyd stands with LGBTQIA+ and Black Lives Matter.